The Producers (2010)

The cast of

For 20 years, the MTC and MBA have put on an annual fundraiser showcasing the talents and energy of lawyers, judges, professors and students. Under the guidance of the professionals, MBA members have been treading the boards, strutting their stuff and sweetly (and perhaps sometimes with spice) singing and dancing, thrilling the spectators with a different perspective of their colleagues, friends or family. Comedies and musicals are usually popular, and this year the show blended both with The Producers by Mel Brooks. This baudy rendition of double entendres and physical comedy poked fun at everyone and especially the National Socialist fascist, Adolf “Elizabeth” Hitler.  Paul Cooper brilliantly played the Hitler groupie with wit, superb energy, booming voice and pure aplomb of comedic timing. With excellent physical and emotive display, Danny Gunn seamlessly played the hapless, cautious and innocent accountant lured into this exotic, exciting world of showbiz. Evan Roitenberg played the scheming producer and shameless gigalo with impressive physicality and hilarity. Hayley Main’s brilliant voice and dance was spectacular; she played the beautiful Swedish secretary and wannabe star that brings the accountant out of his shell. Suffice to say, space restrictions prevent me from writing about everyone, but the rest of the cast were equally tremendous; the music, set and costuming (including the volume of changes) was equally excellent.  I attended with 10 other people, some family, some friends, some in law, some not. Everybody enjoyed themselves, laughed out loud and had so much fun throughout. Bravo! 

I was honoured to represent the MBA and present a $5000 cheque to the MTC. In twenty years, we have increasingly raised more and more, and are now well over 3/4 of a million dollars to date. It's a great relationship! If you haven't attended a production, make sure you diarize it for next year!

Anthony (Tony) J. Kavanagh

President, Manitoba Bar Association 

The Cast 

  • Victor Bargen, Bryan/Jason Green
  • Kathrine Basarab, Hold Me-Touch Me/Showgirl
  • Melissa Burkett, O’Houlihan/Big Lady
  • Paul Cooper, Franz Liebkind
  • Adrian Frost, Gunter/O’Riley
  • Roxanne Gagné, Showgirl/Old Lady
  • Bonnie Gembey, Pigeon/Stenographer
  • Danny Gunn, Leo Bloom
  • Reannah Hocken, Usherette/Old Lady
  • Jamie Jurczak, Usherette/Old Lady
  • Michael Kay, Judge/Cop in Sunglasses
  • Catherine Kelly, Hold Me-Touch Me/Pigeon
  • Hayley Main, Ulla
  • Rachel Margolis, Usherette/Old Lady
  • Jim McLandress, Roger Debris
  • Marika Nerbas, Usherette/Kiss Me-Feel Me
  • Mark O’Neill, Stormtrooper
  • Ashleigh Parker, Ticket Taker/Old Lady
  • Myron Pawlowsky, Firstnighter/Sergeant
  • Krista Piché, Street Cleaner/Shirley
  • Bradley Regehr, Carmen Ghia/Mr. Marks
  • Dean Richert, Jack Lepidus/Chief
  • Evan Roitenberg, Max Bialystock
  • Steve Scarfone, Scott/Donald Dinsmore
  • Priti Shah, Pigeon/Old Lady
  • Garth Smorang, Kevin/Bailiff
  • Lisa Stiver, Showgirl/Old Lady
  • Sarah Thurmeier, Pigeon/Old Lady
  • Mark Toews, Sabu/Rolf
  • Maria Versace, Pigeon/Old Lady