Inherit the Wind (2006)

The cast of "Inherit-The-Wind"

This year marked the 12th year in which the Manitoba Bar Association has partnered with the Manitoba Theatre Centre in a community production, professionally directed and produced but cast with lawyer-volunteers, all in an effort to raise funds for MTC. Another $85,000 dollars was raised this year, for a total to date of some $665,000 dollars.

I hope that you took the opportunity to see this year’s play, Inherit the Wind, and that you enjoyed it as much as I did. It was the result of the hundreds of hours of dedicated volunteer effort on the part of MBA members.

On behalf of the Manitoba Bar Association, thank you to Steven Shipper, Robb Paterson, Nick Kowalchuk, the Board, the Community Play Committee and the staff of MTC. Warm thanks as well to those members of the Manitoba Bar Association who made up the cast of this production. Thank you to everyone who supported this very worthwhile event as sponsors (especially the hotels who provided the delicious fare for the after-theatre receptions) and to those who purchased tickets.

I have yet to have a single cast member fail to tell me, without any prompting, that they have taken more from the experience than they have given, notwithstanding all of the hard work and the time involved. Why not find out for yourself by answering next year’s casting call? Next year’s play will make it a baker’s dozen. Don’t miss it!

John Stefaniuk
President, Manitoba Bar Association

The Cast

  • Krista Boryskavich - Mrs. Blair
  • Jessica Cogan - Rachel Brown 
  • Paul Cooper - Tom Davenport 
  • Marcia Dzik - Mrs. McLain 
  • Duncan Geisler - Reporter 
  • John Harvie - Mayor 
  • Sean Hicks - Meeker 
  • Cynthia Hiebert-Simkin - Sarah Brady 
  • Jeff Hirsch - Judge Brown 
  • Jamie Jurczak - Mrs. Cooper 
  • Mark Kantor - Bertram Cates 
  • Robin Kersey - Bollinger/Harry Y. Esterbrook 
  • James McLandress - Reverend Jeremiah Brown 
  • Candray Mehkary - Mrs. Loomis 
  • Ron Meyers - Elijah 
  • Sabrina Montefiore - Mrs. Goodfellow 
  • Lyndee Patterson - Melinda Loomis 
  • Brad Regehr - Jesse Dunlap 
  • Stephen Robertson - Howard Blair 
  • Evan Roitenberg - E.K. Hornbeck 
  • Priti Shah - Mrs. Krebs 
  • Christopher Sigurdson - Bannister 
  • Murray Sinclair - Henry Drummond 
  • Lyle Smordin - Matthew Harrison Brady 
  • Paul Taylor - Hot Dog Man 
  • Mark Toews - Mr. Goodfellow 
  • John Wooley – Sillers