The Mousetrap (2012)

The cast of "The-Mousetrap"

For over 20 years, the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre and the Manitoba Bar Association have raised funds through our community play. These productions are comprised entirely of lawyers, judges, professors and students. I was blown away by the collection of talent when I attended this year’s production of The Mousetrap. I was honestly glued to the story from beginning to end and was entertained throughout. I was especially proud that this year’s production had two of my classmates from the Robson hall class of ’96 (Brad Regehr and Susanne Dandenault) and one of my daycare kids, Neil Steen, from my previous life as an Early Childhood Educator. The play was intriguing, hilarious but most of all extremely professional and the audience thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

To date, the MBA has raised over $800,000 for the RMTC. This is all of course done with the support of countless volunteers who donate their time to this production and such a worthwhile cause. The dedication the cast and volunteers have in ensuring a spectacular play often comes at the expense of work and time with family. It is for all of these reasons that they deserve our thanks. So, on behalf of the executive, council, and the more than 1,300 members of the MBA, thank you. Aside from the cast, I want to thank the RMTC staff and crew, the RMTC Play Committee, PWC and the other sponsors of the play. While I am still waiting to pick my spot to join the right production (Frankenstein’s monster In Young Frankenstein perhaps?) for the time being, I will leave these productions to the extremely talented performers in the MBA. To everyone else, please continue to support this endeavor which is such a worthwhile cause.

 Josh Weinstein
President, Manitoba Bar Association

The Cast

  • Melissa Beaumont, Mollie Ralston
  • Susanne Dandenault, Mrs. Boyle
  • Sean Hicks, Mr. Paravicini
  • Joan Holmstrom, Miss Casewell
  • Peter Kingsley, Christopher Wren
  • Brad Regehr, Major Metcalf
  • Leith Robertson, Detective Sergeant Trotter
  • Neil Steen, Giles Ralston