Chicago (2008)

The cast of "Chicago"

Notwithstanding the traditional stereotypes, I’m normally not a big fan of musical theatre. (I also could never understand the appeal of Liza Minelli). So I attended the opening night production of “Chicago” with more than a little trepidation. To be honest, I was expecting to be underwhelmed. I have to say that my preconceived notions were blown out of the water.

Now I always knew that the lawyers and law students and judges who take part in the cast of our annual MBA/MTC productions donate an incredible amount of their time and energy to making these plays a success. Musicals, however, not only require the actors to memorize lines. The ability to both sing and dance add additional layers of skill needed to successfully present this kind of production. Without exception, every cast member was amazing. However, I do want to acknowledge a few standout performances:

  • The female leads, Nalini Reddy and Darcia Senft: You two possess so much talent that maybe you should reconsider your law careers and move to Broadway. Seriously, head-to-head, you would blow Catherine Zeta-Jones and Renee Zellweger out of the water.
  • Mark O’Neill: If “Dancing with the Stars” ever comes to Canada, you would be the odds-on favourite!
  • Jessica Cogan: Remarkably, you made the concept of being held captive in a women’s prison oddly appealing.
  • Jeff Hirsch: As the lovable loser, you actually brought a tear to my eye…in a musical!
    The entire women’s chorus: You all deserve big bouquets for singing and dancing in front of a packed house of your peers, friends and families – in your underwear!
  • Ron Meyers: very convincing as a gay tailor but somehow I just couldn’t believe him as a judge. (Kidding, your Honour!)

On behalf of the Manitoba Bar Association, thanks to Robb Paterson, Chuck McEwen, Rob Ring, Melinda Tallin and all the other great staff from MTC who somehow managed to turn a bunch of legal professionals into Broadway stars. Thanks PricewaterhouseCoopers who sponsor the play, to the reception sponsors (Hotel Fort Garry, Glutton’s, Pastry Castle, Bailey’s and Delta Winnipeg,) for their delicious food and Amphora Wine Distributors, the Yellowtail wine sponsor. Thank you to everyone who supported this very worthwhile fundraiser by making it the most successful MBA/MTC joint production ever – a record five sold out performances! Next year’s play will make it number 15. Don’t miss it!

Michael Law
President, Manitoba Bar Association

The Cast

  • Hayley Anderson - Cellblock Girl/Dancer
  • Kim Antonio - Liz/Dancer
  • Kathrine Basarab - Mama Con/Photographer
  • Melissa Burkett – Reporter
  • Jessica Cogan - Mama Morton
  • Lisa Cupples - Mama Con/Photographer
  • Kelly Curtis - Cellblock Girl/Dancer
  • Kirsty Elgert - Annie/DancerMelanie Enns, Reporter
  • Adrian Frost - Fred Casely/Reporter/Dancer
  • Cynthia Hiebert-Simkin - Mama Con/Photographer
  • Jeff Hirsch - Amos Hart
  • Joan Holmstrom - Mary Sunshine
  • Jamie Jurczak - Hunyak/Dancer
  • Michael Kay - Bailiff/Reporter/Dancer
  • Catherine Kelly – Reporter
  • Allison Kindle - June/Dancer
  • Rachel Margolis - Mona/Dancer
  • Candray Mehkary - Cellblock Girl/Dancer
  • Ron Meyers - Judge/Tailor/Reporter
  • Marika Nerbas – Reporter
  • Howard Nerman - Doctor/Reporter
  • Mark O’Neill - Billy Flynn
  • Nalini Reddy - Velma Kelly
  • Margaret Redmond - Go-To-Hell Kitty/Dancer
  • Brad Regehr - Sergeant Fogarty/Reporter
  • Dean Richert - Martin Harrison/Reporter/Dancer
  • Evan Roitenberg - Aaron/Reporter/Dancer
  • Steve Scarfone - Harry/Reporter/Dancer
  • Darcia Senft - Roxie Hart
  • Priti Shah - Cellblock Girl/Dancer
  • Marla Shragge – Reporter
  • Richard Smith - Foreman/Reporter/Dancer
  • Lisa Stiver - Cellblock Girl/Dancer
  • Mark Toews – MC
  • Amanda Wallack - Cellblock Girl/Dancer