Gypsy (2011)

The cast of

For two decades now, the MTC and MBA have put on an annual fundraiser showcasing the talents and energy of lawyers, judges, professors and students. MBA members trade their gowns and suits for everything from plant costumes to mesh shirts and nipple rings (if you saw The Producers last year, this image is burnt into your mind too). I was pleased to see Gypsy this year. While I was expecting a grim tale of Roma oppression, instead I was treated to song and dance and more envy-raising talent than most of us could ever dream of. The audience was enthralled and the chatter in the lobby was unanimously positive. From outstanding leads Gail Asper as Rose, Brian Klein as Herbie and Julia Perron/Hayley Main as Louise to the members of the chorus, you could tell the cast had a blast. I’d bet they had as much fun putting this production on as the audience had seeing it.

Of course, they don’t do this just for the fun and glory; to date, the MBA has raised over $780,000 for the MTC. None of this could be done without the hundreds of selfless volunteer hours donated by the cast and the support of their families and employers. Thanks go to the entire cast, the MTC staff and crew, the MTC Play Committee, PwC and the other sponsors of the play. I remain hopeful that someday someone will come up with a version of Sound of Music (without the children) that I could audition for, but failing that, I shall leave future productions to members with talent. If you missed this show, make a note to buy tickets (or audition) early next year—we’re bound to have another hit on our hands. Congratulations to everyone involved for another outstanding performance. You do our Association and profession proud. 

Ken Mandzuik
President, Manitoba Bar Association

The Cast

  • Gail Asper, Rose
  • Kathrine Basarab, Mazeppa
  • Melissa Beaumont, Toreaborable/Mother/Caroline
  • Karlee Blatz, Toreadorable/Mother
  • Kalyn Bomback, June
  • James Carter, Weber/Kringelein/Phil
  • Jessica Cogan, Tessie Tura
  • Rachel Cogan, Baby Louise (May 3, 5 and 7)
  • Becky Frohlinger, Baby June
  • Bonnie Gembey, Ensemble/Mother/Hayseed/Renee
  • Sean Hicks, Mr. Goldstone/Georgie/Cigar/Bourgeron-Couchon
  • Reannah Hocken, Dolores (Toreadorable)
  • Joan Holmstrom, Agnes (Toreadorable)
  • Bryan Klein, Herbie
  • David Kroft, LA/Rich Man/Stage Hand
  • Myong Lee, Gail (Toreadorable)
  • Tyler Leighton, Clarinet Boy/Boy Scout/Newsboy
  • Hayley Main, Louise
  • Candray Mehkary, Thelma/Toreadorable
  • Laure Moody, Toreadorable
  • Marika Nerbas, Electra
  • Julia Perron, Baby Louise (May 2, 4 and 6)
  • Laura Perron, Toreadorable
  • Connor James Plysiuk, Rich Man’s Son/Newsboy
  • Amanda Sansregret, Mrs. Cratchitt
  • Steve Scarfone, Yonkers/Uncle Jocko/Stage Hand
  • Priti Shah, Ensemble/Mother/Hayseed/Waitress
  • Dan Sherbo, Angie/Pastey/Stage Hand
  • Lyle Smordin, Pop/Announcer
  • Noah Staerk, Tap Dancing Urchin/Newsboy
  • Neil Steen, Tulsa
  • Hana Laura Yamamoto, Marjorie May/Torabdorable