Witness for the Prosecution (2018)

Cage-Aux-Folles-Cast-PhotoPhoto taken by Randy Zyla Harder

The Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre and the Manitoba Bar Association have worked together for many years to raise funds by showcasing members of the MBA in the Lawyers Play.  Each year, a cast made up entirely of volunteer lawyers, law students, judges and/or professors take time away from their work and family commitments to perfect their dramatic skills - and accents - and share their talent in a spectacular show.  This year’s production, Witness For The Prosecution, was the 26th joint production between the Royal MTC and the MBA.  As always, it was an outstanding show!

Agatha Christie’s Witness For The Prosecution follows renowned lawyer Sir Wilfred Robarts as he defends a young prisoner, Leonard Vole, charged with the murder of Emily French, a rich older widow. The prosecution’s case rests on the evidence of Romaine Vole, Leonard’s so-called wife. However, neither Leonard or Romaine are quite who they seem to be.

On behalf of the Manitoba Bar Association, I would like to thank the cast and crew for making this production such a success year after year. To date, the MBA has raised over $1,000,000 for Royal MTC through the Lawyers Play.  These funds represent the strong support the community provides for these productions.

I would also like to thank the Director, Paul Essiembre, the Executive Producer, Chuck McEwen, the Lawyers Play Committee Members, and the staff of the Royal MTC for their passion and dedication which are instrumental in making this event such a rewarding and successful partnership.  I would also like to thank the play and reception sponsors.  Finally, I would like to thank all of those who purchased tickets and attended the production, in support of both the MBA and the Royal MTC.  Thank you.

Melissa Beaumont

President, Manitoba Bar Association


  • David Dick, Leonard Vole
  • Caleigh Glawson, Greta
  • The Honourable Madam Justice Brenda Keyser, Janet MacKenzie
  • Peter Kingsley, Sir Wilfrid Robarts
  • Ashley Korsunsky, Carter
  • Ryan Krahn, Mr. Clegg
  • Alex Nisbet, Plain-Clothes Detective/Policeman
  • Jeff Palamar, Mr. Mayhew
  • Kaitlynn Porath, Court Clerk
  • Bradley Regehr, Mr. Myers
  • Steve Scarfone, Inspector Hearne
  • Priti Shah, Justice Wainwright
  • Robert Tyler, Dr. Wyatt
  • Heather Wadsworth, Romaine
  • Kyla Wills, The Other Woman