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Access mental health & wellness support across Manitoba.

Recording of Webinar and Materials presented at February 28, 2020 Well-being CPD 'Suicide: Facing a Difficult Topic...Together': 



Since 1989, the CBA Wellness Forum (formerly the Legal Profession Assistance Conference) has recognized the unique needs of our profession and worked to find solutions that allow our members to lead healthy, balanced lives.

The CBA Wellness Forum exists to help legal professionals manage personal, emotional, health and wellness challenges. CBA Wellness works with the provincial and territorial Lawyer Assistance Programs, providing expertise and guidance to their staff and volunteers. Our professional development programs and research resources on mental health and wellness give insights into the very real issues facing our profession.

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In 2001, the Law Society of Manitoba introduced the Health and Wellness Program, a professional counselling service for lawyers who need help. The program is a free and confidential service for practising lawyers and articling students in Manitoba and their families, operated by Manitoba Blue Cross. It offers crisis-intervention and assistance and short-term counselling services.

In Winnipeg call 204-786-8880. Outside Winnipeg call toll-free 1-800-590-5553.


This service is in addition to the referral service provided by CBA Wellness. Lawyers Helping Lawyers, a Committee of the Manitoba Bar Association, strongly believes in and supports the Lawyers at Risk service offered by The Law Society of Manitoba. If you are not enjoying your practice of law or life to the fullest, we urge you to contact one of the Lawyers Helping Lawyers listed below:

  • Colleen McDuff
    Cell: 204-955-1315; Home: 204-219-6680
  • Therese Koturbash
    Work: 204-622-7002 Home: 204-648-5720
  • Dirk Blevins
    Home: 204-261-7539
  • Walter Thiessen
    Work: 204-925-5375; Home: 204-661-5700
  • Norman Yusim
    Work: 204-957-8309; Home: 204-334-2227
  • Marcelin Murray
    Work: 204-957-8334; home: 204-253-1554
  • Jon van der Krabben
    Work: 204-254-3511; Home: 204-256-1124

The Equity Ombudsperson can, free of charge:

  • Help to resolve individual discrimination and harassment concerns
  • Act as a sounding board in dealing with internal office concerns or complaints
  • Provide educational seminars and speaking engagements about respectful workplace issues for legal offices
  • Assist in the development and implementation of policies and procedures

All contacts are confidential.

About the Equity Ombusdperson.




This Committee provides an informal, confidential forum in which Queen’s Bench Justices, Masters, Registry Staff* and lawyers can discuss, one on one, problems that do not warrant a more serious intervention.  Chaired by Justice Michael Thomson, the committee was created by the Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench and the Manitoba Bar Association.

* As the Committee has no supervisory role over Registry staff, we only deal with concerns raised by the Registry staff vis-à-vis lawyers, but not vice versa.


  • Justice Michael Thomson
    Tel.: 204-945-2050
  • Colin MacArthur, Q.C.
    Tel.: 204-957-4627
  • Patricia Fraser (Brandon)
    Tel.: 204-727-8461
  • Rekha Malaviya
    Tel.: 204-945-6120
  • Justice Marilyn Goldberg
    Tel.: 204-945-2050
  • Senior Master Rick Lee
    Tel.: 204-945-8232
  • Justice Deborah McCawley
    Tel.: 204-945-2050
  • Justice Freda Steel
    Tel.: 204-945-2050

The Provincial Court Informal Concerns Committee provides an informal, confidential forum in which Provincial Court Judges and lawyers can discuss, one on one, problems that do not warrant a more serious intervention. This Committee was created by the Provincial Court of Manitoba and the Manitoba Bar Association and is chaired by Judge Timothy Killeen.

Judges and lawyers who wish to speak with a Committee member may call any of:

  • Alan Semchuk (Dauphin)
    Tel.: 204-638-3211
  • Joe Aiello
    Tel.: 204-949-7708
  • Richard Wolson, Q.C.
    Tel.: 204-985-8184
  • Judge Tim Preston
    Tel.: 204-945-3461
  • Associate Chief Judge John Guy
    Tel.: 204-945-3461
  • Judge Timothy Killeen
    Tel.: 204-945-3461