A resolution is a formal expression of opinion or intention agreed on by an organization’s governing body, typically after taking a vote.  

All resolutions must be approved by MBA Council prior to implementation, as this body is responsible for the Association policy. Resolutions may address external matters such as policy and public interest or internal matters such as the constitution of a Section or changing a Branch Section name.

Copies of all resolutions to be proposed at a Council Meeting are to be given to the Executive Director at least 30 days in advance of the Council Meeting.  The thirty day period is necessary to allow the resolution to be considered by the Executive Committee and be sent to all Council members prior to the meeting.  This procedure is absolutely fundamental to the goal of bringing about an informed and meaningful debate.

Resolutions received after the deadline will generally be deferred to a subsequent Council Meeting for consideration, unless the Executive Committee can be persuaded by the proposer and seconder that there is unusual urgency about that matter.   

In addition, if the Executive Committee deems a resolution requires further study it may recommend to Council that the resolution be referred to the appropriate Section(s) or Committee.

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