The Odd Couple (2009)

The Cast of "The Odd Couple"

What started out as a good idea for one year only has become an annual tradition. There is nothing odd about the legal profession giving back to the community. The MBA’s relationship with the MTC is a fine tradition and has been celebrated again this year in fine form in two shows of The Odd Couple. 

I have not previously had the opportunity to enjoy the performances by MBA members at the annual production. I had great expectations and I was not disappointed. This production was well worth the trip to Winnipeg. The members of the cast put on a side-splitting show

I enjoyed the female performance on Thursday, May 7, 2009. The show was as good as it gets. The leads Gail Asper and Vivian Hilder lead an ensemble that had the audience roaring with laughter from the opening scene to the final curtain call. The scene stealing Spanish brothers played by John Harvie and Bill Haight were hilarious with their custom mustaches home grown for the show and their adopted accents. The supporting cast of friends reeled off one liner after one liner. A pun and a gag provided for everyone in the audience. The show was brilliant in its simplicity. 

I was very proud to be on hand to present the Manitoba Bar Association’s cash contribution to the Manitoba Theatre Centre, a total of $10,000.00 this year. 

The Manitoba Bar Association could not be more thrilled to continue our commitment to the community through the annual play with the Manitoba Theatre Centre. The MTC staff have continued again to create fine theatre from legal professionals. On behalf of the Manitoba Bar Association thanks to Zaz Bajon, Christopher Sigurdson, Stephen Shipper, Chuck McEwan and Melinda Tallin the MTC staff who year after year transform our members into stars. Thanks also to Pricewater-houseCoopers for their sponsorship, dating back now to 1998, to the reception sponsors (Delta Winnipeg, Denise and Jean Louise Catering, and The Fort Garry) for their amazing food during the reception that followed the show and Amphora Wine Distributors the Casella Family and Yellowtail Wine sponsors. Thank you to everyone for purchasing tickets and making this another successful year. 

Annette Horst 
President, Manitoba Bar Association 

The Cast

The Male Version (May 6 & 8, 2009)

  • Kim Antonio, Cecily Pigeon 
  • Paul Cooper, Oscar Madison 
  • Sean Hicks, Vinnie 
  • Robin Kersey, Murray 
  • Jim McLandress, Felix Ungar 
  • Marika Nerbas, Gwendolyn Pigeon 
  • Steve Scarfone, Roy 
  • Lyle Smordin, Speed

The Female Version (May 7 & 9, 2009)

  • Gail Asper, Florence Unger 
  • Karen Blicker, Vera 
  • Erika Dolcetti, Sylvie 
  • Bill Haight, Jesus Costazuela 
  • John Harvie, Manolo Costazuela 
  • Vivian Hilder, Olive Madison 
  • Joan Holmstrom, Renee 
  • Krista Piché, Mickey