Legally Blonde (2013)

The cast of "Legally-Blonde"

For over 20 years, the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre and the Manitoba Bar Association have collaborated to raise funds through an annual production of a community play. Each year, the productions consist of a cast made up entirely of volunteer lawyers who dedicate themselves selflessly to the creation of a spectacular show and, each year, we are witness to an outstanding display of talent.  This year’s production, Legally Blonde, was no exception.

Legally Blonde is a musical based on the novel by Amanda Brown and the 2001 film of the same name and tells the story of Elle Woods, a former sorority president, who enrolls in Harvard Law School as part of a scheme to win back her former fiancé.  During that process, she discovers that she can use the law to help others. The singing, dancing and acting this year more than exceeded expectations and once again confirmed that the legal profession in Manitoba is without doubt blessed with an abundance of very talented performers.

To date, the MBA has raised over $850,000.00 in support of RMTC through the Lawyer Play. The money raised is the result of the extensive contributions of time and effort from the volunteers, all of whom each year devote countless hours to the production, often at the expense of work, family and other commitments.  It is their dedication that makes the RMTC/MBA joint production such a success year after year. On behalf of the MBA, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the cast for their generous contributions. I also wish to thank the RMTC staff and crew, all members of the Lawyer Play Committee, as well as all of the play and reception sponsors. Finally, I also wish to thank all of those who purchased tickets and attended the production; in doing so, they made it possible for the MBA and the profession to continue its show of support for this worthwhile cause.

Karen Wittman
President, Manitoba Bar Association

The Cast

  • Kathrine Basarab, Delta Nu (Pilar)
  • Melissa Beamont, Delta Nu
  • Kalyn Bomback, Delta Nu
  • Tashia Dreger, Delta Nu
  • Kirsty Elgert, Enid Hoopes
  • Nancy Fazenda, Judge/Ensemble
  • Adrian Frost, Grandmaster Chad/Agrawal Paddaman/Carlos
  • Danny Gunn, Emmett Forrest
  • Melissa Hazelton, Stenographer/Ensemble
  • Cynthia Hiebert-Simkin, Elle’s Mom/Ensemble
  • Reannah Hocken, Vivienne Kensington
  • Zilla Jones, Chutney Wyndham/Ensemble
  • Jamie Jurczak, Delta Nu
  • David Kroft, Aaron Schultz/Nikos
  • Hayley Main, Elle Woods
  • Marika Nerbas, Brooke Wyndham
  • Myron Pawlowsky, Elle’s Dad/Ensemble
  • Leith Robertson, Kyle O’Boyle/Ensemble
  • Laura Robinson, Kiki the Colourist/Ensemble
  • Evan Roitenberg, Professor Callahan
  • Darren Sawchuk, Lowell/Dewey
  • Darcia Senft, Paulette Buonofounte
  • Richard Smith, Winthrop/Ensemble
  • Neil Steen, Warner Huntington III
  • Desiree Tan, Delta Nu (Serena)
  • Stéphanie Tétrault, Delta Nu (Margot)
  • Maria Versace, D.A. Joyce Riley/Emsemble