Pitblado Lectures


The Manitoba Bar Association, the Manitoba Law School and The Law Society of Manitoba have established an annual series of continuing legal education lectures in honour of Isaac Pitblado, born in 1867, whose reputation as a great legal mind continues to this day.

The 2023 Isaac Pitblado Lectures - Artificial Intelligence in Legal Practice: Risks, Rewards and Responsibilities

November 16, 2023    |    9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.   |    Robson Hall, Faculty of Law, University of Manitoba
6 CPD Hours / 1.5 EPPM Hours

Jointly presented by The Law Society of Manitoba,
the Manitoba Bar Association and the
University of Manitoba, Faculty of Law 

Artificial Intelligence in Legal Practice: Risks, Rewards and Responsibilities
We’ve gone from snail mail to email. From case law reporters in the library stacks to keyword searches in online databases. There is no doubt that technology has transformed the way we practice law. Now with the increasing availability and use of artificial intelligence, we are once again facing dramatic change – while many of us are still trying to familiarize ourselves with what AI actually is!
This year’s Lectures will give you the basics and beyond about artificial intelligence. Topics will include:

  • Foundational learning about the different types of AI and key definitions;
  • The potential for generative AI (think ChatGPT) to make legal practice more efficient and to increase access to justice;
  • The importance of human oversight and steps you can take to use AI safely and responsibly;
  • Ethical, competency and bias considerations; and
  • Impacts on health and wellness in the legal profession.

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