Pro Bono Award

The Pro Bono Award is part of the Pro Bono Public Interest Law Project, a unique joint venture between the Manitoba Bar Association and the Public Interest Law Centre (PILC). Launched in 1996, the Project encourages lawyers and law firms to donate professional time or funds to enhance access to public interest legal services in Manitoba.  Yearly, PILC makes a recommendation to the Executive Committee regarding the recipient of the Pro Bono Award.


  • 2021 – Christian Monnin, MLT Aikins LLP
  • 2020 – Dayna Steinfeld, Fillmore Riley LLP
  • 2019 – Andrew Buck, Kathleen McCandless and David Silver of Pitblado LLP
  • 2018 – Alyssa Mariani and Sacha Paul of Thompson Dorfman Sweatman LLP
  • 2017 Myers Weinberg LLP Legal Team (Garth Smorang, Q.C., Shannon Carson, Johanna Willows, Joel Deeley, Kelly Olson and Kristen Worbanski)
  • 2016 John Myers and Elizabeth Mitchell, Taylor McCaffrey LLP
  • 2015 The Families First Pro Bono Team, (Helga Van Iderstine, Aikins, MacAulay & Thorvaldson LLP, Aimée Craft, University of Manitoba, Stacey Soldier, Bueti Wasyliw Wiebe, Jessica Saunders, D’Arcy & Deacon LLP, Adele Domenco, Aikins, MacAulay & Thorvaldson LLP, Johanna Willows, Danielle Barchyn, Aikins, MacAulay & Thorvaldson LLP and Corrine Lavallee, D’Arcy & Deacon LLP)
  • 2014 "New Directions Team", (Ken Dolinsky, Shereese Qually, Alain Laurencelle, Dan Ransom, Lauren Sawich, Candace Fierback and Charles Roy)  Taylor McCaffrey LLP
  • 2013 Allison Fenske, Thompson Dorfman Sweatman LLP
  • 2012 George Orle, Q.C., Orle Davidson Giesbrecht Bargen LLP
  • 2011 Anita Southall and Wayne Leslie, Fillmore Riley LLP
  • 2010 David Wright, Aikins, MacAulay and Thorvaldson LLP
  • 2009 - Robert Dawson, John Myers, Shereese Qually, and Daniel Rempel (The Bannerman Team)
  • 2008 Ron Dearman, Mayer, Dearman & Pellizzaro
  • 2007 Veronica Jackson, Gange Goodman & French
  • 2006 Candace Everard, Pitblado LLP
  • 2005 Professor Karen Busby, Patricia Lane, and Grant Mitchell
  • 2004 John Harvie
  • 2003 Campbell Wright
  • 2002 Norman A. Cuddy