Community Involvement Award

The Community Involvement Award recognizes a Manitoba CBA member who has enhanced the image of the Association, the legal profession and/or the justice system through involvement in non-legal public service in the preceding year. It is one of eight MBA Recognition Awards, honouring colleagues who demonstrate excellence and commitment to the law, the legal profession and the community at large.


The Award is open to any CBA member in good standing  who resides in Manitoba. Members of the current Executive Committee of the MBA are not eligible.


Nominations must be received in writing by at least two people (writing separately or jointly) outlining the reasons why the candidate should be selected.

Nominations should be submitted by email to


Approximately October 31 – exact date to be determined each year.


Award winners are selected by the MBA Executive Committee. 


  • 2023 – Aron Grusko
  • 2020  Maria Mitousis
  • 2014 K. Eleanor Wiebe, K.C.
  • 2013 Alain Huberdeau
  • 2012 Brenlee Carrington Trepel
  • 2011 Brian Bowman
  • 2010 Paul McKenna
  • 2009 Nicole Merrick
  • 2008 Rekha Malaviya
  • 2007 Robert Fabbri
  • 2006 Stuart Blake
  • 2005 Gail Asper
  • 2004 Leonard French
  • 2003 A. Blair Graham, K.C.
  • 2002 Irene Hamilton
  • 2001 Honourable Judge Ron Myers
  • 2000 David Kroft
  • 1999 Jeffrey Schnoor, K.C.
  • 1997 John Myers
  • 1996 Robin M. Kersey
  • 1995 Robert Sokalski