The governing body of the Manitoba Bar Association (MBA) is the Council, which is comprised of 20 elected members who are elected for a two-year term. There are 15 elected members from the City of Winnipeg, two from Dauphin/Western Manitoba, two from Central/Eastern Manitoba, one from Northern Manitoba. Council meets four times per year, including the Mid-Winter Meeting (in January), and the Annual Meeting (in June) to hear reports, debate and vote on policies and resolutions. 

Council initiates and passes policies, resolutions, rules and regulations. It approves the strategic and operational plans and the annual budget, as recommended by the Executive Committee.

Council includes 20 elected voting members, as well as one law student representative and one CPLED representative. The MBA President, Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer, Director of Membership, Director of Public Relations/Advocacy and Past-President are designated voting members of the Branch Council. Designated voting members can move and second resolutions and address Council on any issue under consideration.  Chairs of each Branch Section are designated non-voting members of Branch Council. MBA Past Presidents who are CBA members are also non-voting members of Council. The CBA Board representative from Manitoba is also a non-voting member of Council.

Other Honourary members of Council include past CBA Presidents who practice in Manitoba, MBA Life Council Members, the Dean of the University of Manitoba Faculty of Law, the CEO of the Law Society of Manitoba, CBA National Section Chairs and Chairs of CBA Standing Committees who practice in Manitoba.  Honourary members of Council include the Minister of Justice and Attorney General for Manitoba and Life Council members who are CBA members.

Even if you are not a member of Council, all CBA members are welcome to attend Branch Council Meetings.