Labour & Employment Law Section Report 2013-2014

  • July 22, 2014

The section organized a panel for the 2014 Mid-Winter Conference on Accommodation and Privacy Issues. The panelists were Shannon Carson, Jeff Palamar, Denny Kells with Adrian Frost acting as moderator. The session was well attended and received very positive feedback in the evaluations submitted. 

The section membership was invited to a number of sessions presented by other sections that had labour/employment elements. The section executive is currently in discussions with the Manitoba Labour Board regarding a session to be held in Fall 2014. The session will provide an avenue for the labour and employment bar and the Manitoba Labour Board to exchange information, comments and feedback on a variety of topics focussing primarily on procedural issues rather than substantive law topics. This is the first attempt at this type of meeting, and the hope is that it will result in a regular consultative meeting between the bar and the Board. The date will be confirmed with the membership in early June 2014.

Respectfully submitted,
Adrian Frost, Co-Chair